12th May 2020 by emmadurnford

12th May 2020

Day 50 of lock down.

Today to celebrate our 50th day in local down I made my fifth batch of Cornish Fairings! I finished just in time to watch todays live broadcast by Simon Calder. These are fast becoming the favourite part of my day and he is so good at interpreting and pulling together information about travel. That’s the good bit, the bad bit is that it looks pretty unlikely that any of us will be travelling any further than England over the next few months at least and realistically probably until the end of the year. BoJo is bringing in a 14-day quarantine when returning to the UK from anywhere apart for France and Spain is bringing in a 14-day quarantine when entering the country.

Late in the afternoon we took our daily exercise (to be extended to as long as we want and as many times as we want tomorrow) to Bushy Park. We decided to go to the Woodland Water Gardens again to visit the goslings with seed and this is the location of this pond with reflected rhododendrons.

We didn’t get back until after 6.30pm but having achieved well over 10,000 footsteps I didn’t sit down but cracked on to make my classic beef in beer casserole which after cooking for 1.5 hours in the oven tasted good. Later in the evening we watched he’d the second part of the hospital program about Covid19. It is strange watching a program about a situation we are currently living through, featured in a program. I think everyone should have to watch this to fully understand why we need to continue to observe social distancing and the awful effects this virus can have on people.

32,692 PHE total dead in the UK (up 627)
Beautiful picture, reflections, colors. And yes, I understand what you an saying that everybody should see the inside of a hospital before complaining about lockdown. Fav
May 13th, 2020  
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