7th August 2020 by emmadurnford

7th August 2020

Day 135 of semi lock down.

It was so hot today - poor Sydney is melting so this is the device I set up to try and cool his cage down - an ice block gaffer taped to his house and I hope he will ‘chill’ out against the plastic.

In the afternoon I took the car as I needed the air conned delivered print number 22 to an address in Teddington and then I drove over to Molesey to deliver the monthly card order- not that big this month as July/August are often quite quiet for sales. We had a brief chat and I assisted in ideas of logistics for a balloon display! Simultaneously as my deliveries, Colin was chatting with Paul - a local painter and decorator who I have seen around Teddington for years. Hooray, he has given a great quote and can pain the barge boards in a couple of weeks. Our last hopeless roofer never did come back to repair the alleged cracked roof tile and the string of excuses for his no show extend to tonsillitis and a car accident. He is either extremity unlucky or he is telling pork pies!!

46,511 PHE total dead in UK (up 98)
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