29th August 2020 by emmadurnford

29th August 2020

Day 157 of semi lock down.

I was surprised that the artist proof print that I ordered only a couple of days ago arrived this morning. I had ‘scheduled’ a telephone call to mum to catch up on the news but I could not wait to open the prints first. I was rather nervous but I needn’t have been as I am really pleased with my new Twickenham photomontage. The Teddington ones are the same as usual - one is destined for a 26th customer (I sold the artists proof) and so will be raising more funds for the Landmark Arts Centre and the other will remain with us as a record of my work.

The Twickenham one sits very well with the Teddington montage and I am looking forward to showing it to Vanessa at the ETNA Centre to see what she thinks. In the afternoon Colin was playing golf with Chris at Fulwell again. In his absence it seems he has stirred up a hornets nest by posting on the Cambridge Crescent WhatsApp group about the change in controlled parking zones in roads close by. This will strongly affect our Crescent as now we will be the only road in the area that does not have a CPZ. It is quite clear that we will become the car park for all shoppers, people working locally and visitors to Teddington. We both think that joining the CPZ said is the only answer to retaining a chance of parking in our own road but there are a number of others who seem to have their heads stuck in the sand. They do not seem to realise the real implications - we will have to wait and see how this one plays out!
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