8th September 2020 by emmadurnford

8th September 2020

Day 167 of semi lock down

It was a big day today for a number of reasons. Firstly Colin and I have returned to our ‘get fit’ regimes buy starting the C25K together in Bushy Park. It has been a long time since I last put on my running kit and the snugness of my top shows this is long overdue! The first session of 1-minute jogs between walks was not too bad but my knees felt it afterwards.

A swift change and then it was over to the Landmark Centre for the long awaited presentation of my massive cheque. I had to order it off of Ebay but it made a good impression and I felt quite pleased that I have managed to raise £650 for the charity. A drop in the ocean to what they need but still a drop.

Lunch then over to the ETNA Centre to show them my framed montage print that I hope to sell to raise money for their sensory garden and also to support myself as all work has been hit badly by the effects of Covid 19. I was not quite expecting to have to do a stand up presentation but I went for it anyway to 5 people including two councillors. It seemed to go down well. I proposed creating a limited edition of 50 as the 25 for the Landmark Centre had sold very well in just over a month. However, in the event I was persuaded to up the run to 100 so that will be interesting! With 30% of the sale of each print going to ETNA this potentially could raise £3,000 - very impressive. We need to work out a sale strategy so Vanessa and I are taking that forward.

Afterwards I saw John Rusling chatting with Colin outside which was really nice as apart for seeing him on my photo club Zoom sessions I have not seen him in person since March. Then onto Richmond and Twickenham Waterstones to deliver cards (with mask).

The Covid19 figures are going up and up and so a great new rule has been brought in of not socialising either indoors or out with more than 6 people. However it is fine to go to a restaurant with dozens of people, just as long as you do not know them. In the future when all of this is over, I do help this is all recorded in detail and a massive inquiry undertaken with politicians held to account and hopefully imprisoned.
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