9th September 2020 by emmadurnford

9th September 2020

Day 168 of semi lock down.

This morning I quickly made up the card order for Teddington and delivered them before lunch. I took the strange photo as I thought our neighbour was being broken into but actually it WAS our neighbour trying to look unobtrusive as she has a black eye and cut forehead from falling over a dodgy paving stone.

This afternoon I finally managed to delver the print to my last customer over near the NPL. She has been very patient as it has been hung in the Landmark Centre for the past month or so. It is edition 25/25!

I bit the bullet and ordered my test print from DSCL in Stockport later in the afternoon. They have always done a good job and I am pleased with how it looks on screen.

Covid 19 news is that a temporary halt has been put on one of the vaccine trials as a volunteer has experienced medical issues but it is not clear if this is actually due to the vaccine or unconnected.
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