14th October 2020 by emmadurnford

14th October 2020

Day 203 of semi lock down.

Colin at golf so I took the bus into Twickenham on this beautiful day to deliver a print. The address was conveniently situated just a 5 minute walk from the bus stop which meant I could get a return bus easily within the hour and therefore only pay for one fare - it’s the little things that cheer me up!

When I got back to Teddington I remembered that it is the Teddington ‘Fiver Fest’ at the moment and so I popped into Heirloom and bought two trays of tea lights in the lovely scents I normally buy the larger candles in - these will be good for little gifts and at least i have bought locally.

Then it was back home fro a cup of tea and back out again for the first of three deliveries of Christmas cards to Teddington Waterstones. This is one of the two large jobs of the year as I have to clear 18 spaces for the Christmas cards, count and store the cards off display and change the header board. However it all went well and the spinner looks very seasonal. It feels rather early but this year shops are putting stock out now in an attempt to make more sales to make up for the disaster of a year so far.

I mounted another three prints this afternoon and the Iceland delivery arrived on time for once. I think we will start to do more online shopping as the figures of Covid are now going through the roof again and tighter restrictions are on the way.

On a different note, I have had a headache and very slight cough for a few days now so the new app (University not NHS/Serco!) suggested I order a Covid 19 test a few days ago. I am pretty convinced that I do not have Covid but to reassure ‘others’ I ordered a test a couple of days ago. It arrived today funnily enough as part of an Amazon order. I followed the instructions to the letter and it was pretty uncomfortable to say the least. I posted it off in a special post box - or at least our usual one that now has a sticker on it. I hope it comes back negative or it will make delivering my prints very difficult!
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