25th October 2020 by emmadurnford

25th October 2020

Day 214 of semi lock down.

Great, the clock went back last night so an extra hour in bed - lovely!

Colin let ‘Sandra’ the spider go in Watts Lane in a neighbours dry shed so she will be fine - we never liked the illegal shed anyway!!

Colin braved the intermittent weather and headed out to watch Jame splay football again. After my drenching at leathered a few weeks ago I was happy to stay and home to catch up on tasks! Once of those tasks including wrapping some presents for someone who shall remain nameless. I have a cunning plan and so far all is going well…

On Colin’s return we watched Simon Calder’s broadcast, this time from Greece. We missed the live one but in a way it was better as it did not keep cutting out when his wifi drops. He travels very cheaply to places and it got us wondering if we could do the same. Simon is rather scathing about those who take on hold luggage and of course that has to be paid for, so we tried a little experiment. Using our small hand luggage cases and by me NOT packing all my camera kit we proved that it is possible to pack enough for a 4-5 night city break as hand luggage (sticking to the 100ml rule of course). I Googled EasyJet flights as they are the cheapest and using a fictitious set of dates that just happen to be around my birthday in February, I found well timed flights from Gatwick for less than £50 each return to both Valencia in Spain and Budapest! Interesting! It was quite depressing unpacking again not having traveled but at least there was no dirty washing to sort out. We will keep an eye out for last minute cheap flights when Covid 19 calms down a bit.

This is my chilli plant which has been through a lot but now has 2 large chillies - I think they will turn red as the lower one is changing colour so I was going to make a green Thai curry but this may need to change to a red Thai curry!
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