28th December 2021 by emmadurnford

28th December 2021

1 year, 269 days since the start of the 1st lock down in March 2020.

I had a clear plan of action today. Washing was all dried from yesterday ready to pack. I wanted to take photographs of the lovely wreaths around Teddington as I have an idea for a new Christmas card for next year. It was raining first thing but it finally stopped and got a little brighter around midday. I managed to take over 40 photos of different wreaths although I will only need 9 for my montage. Here are a selection of the different styles around Teddington.

Afterwards I headed to M&S, Sainsbury’s, Budgens and then back to M&S in a quest to pick up the last of my ingredients for the meal I will be cooking for us all down in Cornwall. For some reason the entire of Teddington is out of skimmed milk!

In the afternoon after we attempted to master the SatNav on the new car, I made a Pavlova base ready for my dessert which I am planning will be a mango and lime Pavlova using our friend Lynda Cox’s recipe. This is quite poignant as Lynda is now in a home with advance dementia which she always feared as both her mum and her sister had suffered from it. I still have her hand written recipe from many years ago.

The important part of the day next when we both took LFTs to see if we can actually go down to Cornwall tomorrow - after a worrying 25 minute wait we both received the all clear!

Finally I cracked on with packing now that we are definitely going. I brought down everything that needs to go in the car to put in the hall… it looks like we are moving house!!
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