Just Before Landing by farmreporter

Just Before Landing

I took a sunrise hot air ballooning ride with my daughter and two grandsons ... baby girl is still too young to come along!
It was a lovely morning but unfortunately there was a bit too much smoke in the air to see the mountains.
And, with smoke also blocked the sun giving an ominous hazy light for most of the trip.
But, the bright blue sky peeked out just as we were beginning our descent.
Ohhh how fabulous Wendy , this is on my to do list
July 11th, 2023  
This is a beautiful shot! Sorry about the smoke.
July 11th, 2023  
A great experience despite the smoke I’m sure.
July 11th, 2023  
What a super POV for you to use...
July 11th, 2023  
Good capture
July 11th, 2023  
Wow very brave of you! Lovely view.
July 11th, 2023  
The streets are laid out in neat rectangles and like buildings contained in their compartment.
July 12th, 2023  
Hello Wendy. Hope all is well with you. For your get pushed challenge would you want to try a photo with the Adamski Effect? Here's a link that I tried (without postive results but hopefully just because I was in a hurry) https://photographychef.com/how-to-get-the-adamski-effect-in-photoshop-step-by-step/
July 17th, 2023  
Kathy - I hate to do this to you at such a late date but would you be able to issue a challenge that requires little or no processing?
I still have my grands with me and we are leaving on our trip east on Monday so I KNOW I will not be able to do any editing though I have been taking pics.
July 21st, 2023  
Hi Wendy, as your get pushed partner this week, I see that you are currently on a trip. So how about a street shot incorporating negative space? If you aren't in a town then just any shot using negative space. Thanks, Delwyn
July 24th, 2023  
Thank you, Delwyn
I know I have been remiss in posting for the last month but I promise I will do this!!
July 24th, 2023  
Lovely industrial shot though.
August 9th, 2023  
Looks stunning.
August 16th, 2023  
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