‘Hunter’ by gavj


This is Pete and he’s one of our longest serving, hardest working serving Trampers.
He’s a chap of few words, and if he likes you, he’ll tell ya, and if he doesn’t like you, he’ll tell ya.
If you upset him, he’ll punch ya lights out and then ask what’s ya problem.
Other than that, he’s soft as a kitten and as patient as a Buddhist👍🙏
📷My favourite Off-Kilter POV, camera mounted flash pointing at the ceiling with the bounce card deployed, my trusty 35mm prime (Back onto my primes again) then a lovely,rich monochrome for afters📷
Nice portrait of Pete and a great narrative! Sounds like the kind of fella you can trust.
May 16th, 2022  
Wonderful word and photographic portrait. Have you considered putting these portraits and narratives into a collection to exhibit or a book??
May 17th, 2022  
Great capture of his intensity
May 17th, 2022  
@ankers70 Thanks for the lovely, supportive comments. I’m actually compiling a book called ‘At the Hatch’ It will consist of over 10 years worth of driver portraits. There’s a lot to plough through 🙏👍
May 17th, 2022  
Keep at it. I am sure it will be a winner.
May 17th, 2022  
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