Dino Bonding by joysabin

Dino Bonding

Today my son reluctantly helped me assemble this wooden puzzle. The instructions were a puzzle unto themselves. We took poor Rexy apart many, many times until she was able to stand on her own. It was fun to sit down and just do something silly.
Aww, cute little rexy
June 1st, 2020  
How neat!
June 1st, 2020  
@blueberry1222 @eudora Target to the rescue- the grab stuff spot as you walk in- a place to find un-needed and silly stuff.
June 1st, 2020  
It was a nice time.
June 1st, 2020  
I've always enjoyed puzzles- usually the flat lay kind! This would be a bit of a challenge but definitely fun to do with someone else. I like the home you've given her too.
June 1st, 2020  
Fun activity and lovely set up!
June 1st, 2020  
Love how you posed him! Fun.
June 1st, 2020  
Makes me think of the movie Jurassic Park
June 1st, 2020  
ahahah, I like your composition, is it a dinosaur looking for food or is it hiding?
June 1st, 2020  
Fun puzzle! My son used to love dinosaurs when he was small.
June 2nd, 2020  
This is fun.
June 2nd, 2020  
June 3rd, 2020  
@haskar It was, and I am very lucky to have such a good son.

@olivetreeann All good and smart Dino's are girls, at least in this house, I am female challenged around here :-)

@mzzhope I'm just glad that I don't have to fed her....

@jernst1779 I'm happy that she stands on her own.

@k9photo I remember taking my sons to see the T-Rex (Sue) when she was in Minnesota. If have it right, it was a 98% complete one too.
@santina I think that she can do what ever she chooses, I don't wish to make her mad .... :-)
@redy4et It was a good time to share with my youngest, a recent college grad (still unemployed).
@yaorenliu Thank you a great deal.
@ninaganci Thank you very much.
June 6th, 2020  
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