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The Dim Riv in front of Europa 2 in Lerwick today.
There are always issues regarding Cruise ships visiting an area. Here the main issue with the visitors is around the cruise company's that promote cycling and the visitors who use public transport. When groups of cyclists head out there can be up to 50 of them on single track roads not paying attention to the road and causing tail backs as nobody can overtake. As for public transport it is cheaper to travel to the south end of Shetland for £10 return by bus than it is on an organised tour that can cost upwards of £80. This does mean however than members of the public who need to catch a plane at Sumburgh, visit the doctor at Levenwick or need to get to Lerwick can't get on a full bus. What's the answer? On the plus side local craft shops and cafe's do benefit from increased sales and indirectly the locals will benefit from the extra cash being spent .
That bus situation is a dilemma. Perhaps an answer would be to create a law to leave a few seats free for residents to use on all bus routes.
I love the Dim Riv!
June 20th, 2024  
Terrific comparison :)
June 20th, 2024  
Fantastic shot!
June 21st, 2024  
Great framing. Nice to capture the two tenders as well (shuttling back and forth I presume?).

It is a sticky one. Always difficult to force a solution without causing unintended further problems.
Shame the cruise companies don’t recognise the issue and work with the locals to find a solution. Maybe paying the local bus company to run extra services on the days they’re in harbour.
June 21st, 2024  
What a great shot. Totally understand the issues of big numbers of people arriving at the same time, for a short period of time.
June 21st, 2024  
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