Hot Summer Here (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere) by mcsiegle

Hot Summer Here (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere)

The 365 Toys have "Summer" as their theme this week. Most of the dinosaurs were happy to have the excuse to sit in front of the fan for a photo. Someone had the bright idea of putting ribbons on the fan so you could see it was blowing.

As you can see by the temperature on the weather app on the iPod, it was hot in Manhattan. (I cannot tell a lie, though. That is a screen print from two days ago. It's not that hot today, which is when we did this photo shoot. But most of the week we've been very hot and sweaty - yes, even dinosaurs sweat!)

Trachodon climbed up on an upside-down tin cup, which gave him the first shot at the ice tea I made for them. It also boosted him up in front of more cool air. He's nobody's fool.

The Neanderthal Man decided to put on a blanket and asked me to build him a fire, in solidarity with the 365 Toys in the Southern Hemisphere, who are in the middle of winter. I went only as far as lighting him a candle. He wanted to be included in the other photo, but the fan kept blowing out his fire. While I admire his steadfast loyalty to a global perspective, I didn't really want to give him equal space, since the theme, after all, is summer. I don't have time to fiddle around with any more fancy collage than this, though. So here you get summer AND winter.

(PS -- I'll give you three guesses who was sweating like crazy at the end of the photo session. Well, you make your bed, you gotta lie in it...or some such wisdom.)
Wonderful read. The picture is adorable too
June 28th, 2015  
you! :-D
June 28th, 2015  
@summerfield smart aleck :-)
June 28th, 2015  
I knew right away who was suffering most from the heat as well! I love your homage to the southern hemisphere as part of this clever collage!
June 30th, 2015  
Great collage
July 8th, 2015  
Well done and you are right. Cold in the South!!!!
July 9th, 2015  
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