East Stadium from the northwest  by mcsiegle

East Stadium from the northwest

One of these evenings, I'm gonna have to go around to the front of the East Stadium (East side of the old Memorial Stadium) so I can see what it looks like lit up in purple. All I've seen is this corner as I come out of the Natatorium after Aqua Aerobics class and it's turned dark. The East Stadium has now been renovated and turned into a Welcome Center. I haven't been in there yet. I have a sentimental attachment to it's former incarnation. When I was in school, this end of it was the Purple Masque Theatre, where I met Frank doing summer theatre. They moved the Purple Masque to a beautiful new facility in the West Stadium across the field, so the students are better off with that new theatre space, but I was sad to say goodbye to the old Purple Masque.

If you haven't figured it out by now, Kansas State University's colors are purple and white. Hence the purple light and the Purple Masque.

Taken on my iPod. After dark iPod photo is not the best quality, but I like the purple glow on the old stone of the stadium. The Student Union, which sits directly across the street, can be seen in the background to the left. All the buildings on campus employ native limestone in some way, if not completely built of it. So...you can't give directions to a stranger to campus, by saying, for instance, "it's the brick building (or white frame building, or black slate covered building) on the far left." :-)
I like the little touch of purple.
December 3rd, 2017  
A lovely vibrant purple :)
December 3rd, 2017  
I love this shot. The lines, steps, contrasting shapes, shadows and light make it interesting and compelling to look at. Fav
December 3rd, 2017  
Looks like some ancient fortress.
December 4th, 2017  
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