Women's club portrait by mcsiegle

Women's club portrait

One of the reasons that I decided to get the two Neanderthal women was because the Triceratops Twin sister has been sort of like Smurfette — the lone girl among all that male Dino/Neanderthal energy. I’ve tried to have some “girls only” times with her, but we really need more women in the house to be mentors and role models. I want her to grow up into a strong, confident woman. But she’s a handful for me to deal with by myself. She is, after all, one half of the famously unpredictable, many times troublesome, Triceratops Twins. I want her to learn how to channel that wildness and use it to accomplish amazing, wonderful things, instead of just getting herself into appalling situations, along with her equally difficult brother.

So now there are four of us in our newly formed Women’s Club. (We will come up with a more clever name for the club in our first real meeting.)

My get pushed partner, Val, gave me the task of “using them [Neanderthal Women] ( and/or) their dinosaur companions as subjects for images which have movement. Could be in-camera, using camera-drop, lens burst etc - or using post-editing.” I thought it would be a great idea to take a club photo of us all waving at the camera. When I looked at the photos later, I realized that I was the only one waving. I’ll have to work on getting the Neanderthal ladies to loosen up a little. I’m not sure why the Triceratops sister all of a sudden got so prim and proper.
@valpetersen here’s take number one with the Neanderthal women and motion. I wish I had them in better focus. I tried to get it set on them, but find that it’s focused on me, but not on the Neanderthals and TT-sister.
June 26th, 2020  
makes an excellent self-portrait, though : )
June 26th, 2020  
Such fun! Made me smile 🙂
June 27th, 2020  
Lovely portrait.
June 27th, 2020  
Wonderful portrait and story!
We are Get-Pushed 414 partners this week, my challenge involves taking a single colour in camera image. Yes, you are going to shoot a monochromatic colour image in camera. Take pictures containing that colour and that colour only. Shades, tones and hues of your chosen colour, B&W not permissible. Have fun! https://expertphotography.com/monochromatic-color/?mc_cid=027df4c653&mc_eid=6d7cbefca7
June 28th, 2020  
What a super introduction and narrative which really made me smile! So neat to see your newly formed club!
June 30th, 2020  
I missed this one. A lovely self portrait with your "friends".
July 6th, 2020  
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