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Laura challenged me to photograph food. Here you see the Welsh cakes I made yesterday evening. You may wonder why my pigs appear in the photo. No, I did NOT let them help. But they knew about the Welsh cakes, because I was making them for Thursday. So I let the pigs come and watch. Here they are inspecting the final product. Mochyn, my pig with the Welsh name, was so excited, he began to practice his Snouter on the spot. I didn’t invite the Dinosaurs and Neanderthals to watch. There simply wasn’t enough room on the counter where I was working. The pigs will get their Welsh cakes after (well…MAYBE before) the game tomorrow. The dinos will wait until Friday and have theirs right on St David’s Day. I’ll make up for the wait with special dinosaur/Neanderthal-only treats some other time. I want to at least try to stay in their good graces.
@la_photographic Here’s some food, Laura. I might try for something more carefully composed and magazine worthy later.
February 28th, 2024  
Oh Mary, they look like they are scarfing up the crumbs. I will enjoy those Welsh cakes vicariously tomorrow. I'm afraid I'll eat too many if I make them.
February 28th, 2024  
Ha ha ... love it!
February 29th, 2024  
I like this scene and the narrative.
February 29th, 2024  
Looks great.
February 29th, 2024  
It was very nice of you to let them watch
March 1st, 2024  
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