Old Bikes by pcoulson

Old Bikes

Came across some old bikes and cars in a small car park on show to raise money for a local hospice
Left and Top is a 1923 Triumph 550cc SD Motorcycle
Bottom Right a 1962 BSA 650cc Gold Flash engine mounted in a Norton Feartherbed frame (Cafe Racer)
Lovely shots and great collage
April 24th, 2016  
@bizziebeeme Thank you so much for finding the time to comment:)
April 24th, 2016  
Gorgeous bikes. There were a collection of old motorcycles at the Maitland Steamfest in the grounds of the church, but we went into a café for a cuppa and scone late in the afternoon and when we came out they were packing them up, so no photos.
April 25th, 2016  
Nicely composed collage. The tecchie info passes me by but I do like the look of what appear to be brass components top right!
April 25th, 2016  
@onewing Thanks Babs it was mostly old cars, a truck, a tractor and three bikes, couldn't get a clear shot of the bikes people all over them:)
April 25th, 2016  
@quietpurplehaze Thanks Hazel the brass bits are the Gas headlight, the horn and the round chamber for producing the gas for the light:)
Tecchie bit:-
calcium carbide granules are placed in a lower chamber, the upper reservoir is then filled with water. A threaded valve mechanism is used to control the rate at which the water is allowed to drip into the chamber containing the calcium carbide. By controlling the rate of water flow, the production of acetylene gas is controlled. This in turn, controls the flow rate of the gas and the size of the flame at the burner, and thus the amount of light it produces, that's also how it work on cars before generators were fitted to power the lights, every days a school day, lol:)
April 25th, 2016  

Lol indeed - I still like the brass bits best (the horn especially)! I did read what you wrote but my brain will not retain it............
April 25th, 2016  
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