100 Strangers : Round 5 : No. 415 : Neil and Thompson by phil_howcroft

100 Strangers : Round 5 : No. 415 : Neil and Thompson

This is Neil and his English / British Bull Dog Thompson, who I met on Wednesday in Nottingham.

“Hi, I love your dog, can I say hello”

“Yes, he’s a big softie”

“What’s his name?”


“Hello Thompson, nice to meet you mate” (I stroke his head and make a fuss of him)

“Why Thompson, with or without a P?”

“Thompson with a P, it’s my wife’s maiden name, there’s not many Thompson’s left in the family, so he’s got the name”

“Awww , how old is he?”

“He’s 3, he’s a big boy”

“He is for sure, what are you doing here?”

“We are waiting for my wife, his Mum. She works at the caff on the corner there. I’ve finished work so we have come down to meet her”

At that point the owner of the cafe, comes out and gives Neil a sausage (not a sausage for Neil, I add, it’s for Thompson)

Thompson spots the sausage and enjoys eating it. Being a bulldog he slathers quite a lot !

Neil tells me it was a chicken sausage !

At that point I introduce myself and ask for a photo for my project.

Neil asks Thompson to look at the camera and I managed to get a few shots of both of them looking at the camera.

I asked Neil if I could post the photos online.

“Yes that’s fine” said Neil “I’m not wanted !!!”

I gave Neil a contact card, we shook hands and I gave Thompson one last stroke.

I smiled as I walked away.
Well they say owners & dogs have a look of each other! They even sit like each other! Great photo!
February 25th, 2024  
Ha ! two of a kind !!
February 25th, 2024  
Being a dogs lover I love this pic! Thompson is one of a kind, he is a big boy!
February 25th, 2024  
Thompson is a big boy with beautiful markings
February 25th, 2024  
Aww! Great portrait of these two.
February 25th, 2024  
pucker up and kiss me ;)
February 26th, 2024  
Great portrait; definitely has that vibe of owner/dog resemblance.
February 26th, 2024  
What a couple of characters - fab shot
February 26th, 2024  
That really sets off what a chunker he is, glad he's a softie!
February 26th, 2024  
I’m seeing a family resemblance in this shot
February 26th, 2024  
He’s a big boy
February 26th, 2024  
Great douple portrait shot. Neil reminds me of a friend of mine who looks very much like him and who I haven't seen for some years. Beautiful capture of both. Thompson looks av very nice and well behaved dog.
February 26th, 2024  
I love it! Owners and dogs, they say, often have a kind of resemblance. These two look like they belong together.
February 26th, 2024  
@happypat Well said Pat, although I didn't like to say it! Superb capture Phil!
February 26th, 2024  
Wow, mirror image
March 2nd, 2024  
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