Parker, the White-Cheeked Jumping Spider by princessicajessica

Parker, the White-Cheeked Jumping Spider

Everything is a bit topsy-turvy in our house right now, but the one good thing in all of it is that Chris and I have been able to see each other for lunch for the past couple of weeks. Although we do want things to settle and return to their normal routine, we are enjoying this sole perk while it lasts! So, we were outside together at lunchtime and this tiny little spider jumped onto Christopher and didn't want to leave. Chris decided the spider needed a name and called him Parker. Eventually we got Parker set down in some grass, but I took some cell phone pictures first. It seems our spidery visitor was a male Common White-Cheeked Jumping Spider.
Not sure I like the idea of jumping spiders, but if they stay that size i will probably cope. 😀

Good sense of scale with the fingerprint!
June 5th, 2024  
Itsy bitsy spider. Great close-up
June 5th, 2024  
Great capture
July 3rd, 2024  
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