Tiny Toy Sewing Machine  by princessicajessica

Tiny Toy Sewing Machine

I saw this tiny sewing machine in a charity shop and bought it as decor because I liked the look of it. It also reminded my of my mum, who was a very talented seamstress. After some internet research, I think it's a vintage/antique toy made by the Müller company. I asked Chris to hold it for a picture to show how small it is; we measured it tonight and it's 15 cm by 15 cm. It's not in not perfect condition, but the wheel still turns and the parts still move so presumably it could still be used. I feel like I should clean it up a bit but I'm always so afraid of doing much to old stuff!
Beautiful find.
June 14th, 2024  
perfectly framed
June 14th, 2024  
Great picture! The choice of the painted brick background works perfectly too, puts me in mind of one of those old Victorian mills.

I think the fact it looks its age adds to it’s charm.
June 14th, 2024  
Fascinating and so colorful! Great find!
June 15th, 2024  
It’s lovely, don’t do more than dust it occasionally.
June 27th, 2024  
Great find and capture
July 3rd, 2024  
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