Peanut Butter and Roses by princessicajessica

Peanut Butter and Roses

I had a photo planned for Peanut Butter Cookie Day and Red Rose Day-- a nice (and very Canadian) afternoon shot on the porch, featuring a cup of Red Rose tea and a plate of Pirate cookies. Sadly, we were out of Red Rose and I didn't get the chance to pick any up, so I changed the plan a bit and settled for a photo of the Pirate cookies laid out on a Three Red Roses plate.

If these roses look more dark pink than red to you, I would agree-- it's not just off colours in the picture-- but the china pattern is called Three Red Roses.

The cookies aren't really typical peanut butter cookies either, but they are "oatmeal peanut butter biscuits" so I think they should count, and they're definitely the type of peanut butter cookie most commonly found in my house!
It’s lovely to do traditions… so much fun, especially when you have to tweak them a little… even more fun. Lovely
June 13th, 2024  
Great imaginative and creative take on those prompts!

I really battle with food photography, so am not doing those - I’ll wait until a non-food day swings around again.
June 13th, 2024  
Very creative
July 3rd, 2024  
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