Brand New Shoes for Flip-Flop Day!  by princessicajessica

Brand New Shoes for Flip-Flop Day!

There's still a lot going on in our house/family at the moment, and now we're under a heat dome too (which always makes my chronic illness extra difficult to manage)... so it's not the best/easiest time for photos!

In the relative cool of the night, Chris and I sat on the porch together for a while and I slipped off my sandals for a few minutes. I pretty much live in this particular style of Dollarama flip-flops (or thongs, as we always called them in my house) for as much of the year as I can possibly get away with-- so I go through them, lol. This is my latest pair.
I love being a flip flop girl too… be sure to look after yourself.
June 19th, 2024  
Very pretty, and cool to wear
June 19th, 2024  
Very nice
July 3rd, 2024  
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