Orange Barn! by rickster549

Orange Barn!

Sort of looks like it could be an animal barn, but I think the main purpose was processing of the oranges. The area that I visit, used to have lots of oranges that would be processed through this part of town. Not exactly sure what all they did with the oranges, but somehow they were processed through this barn.
That's pretty interesting - I immediately thought animal stables - wrong again!
October 21st, 2018  
Great textures and nice leading line
October 21st, 2018  
A great find of these lovely textures, tones, shapes and lines
October 21st, 2018  
Interesting looking place
October 21st, 2018  
neat POV
October 21st, 2018  
@milaniet @amyk @ludwigsdiana @joannakate @koalagardens Thanks Milanie, Amy, Diana, Joanna and KG.
October 23rd, 2018  
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