Three Grand Old Ladies by sarah19

Three Grand Old Ladies

This lovely photo holds so many memories of my childhood. Today I was at a class reunion lunch (50 years since leaving school 😮) and was chatting to Johnny whose Grandma is the lady on the right. In the middle is her sister-in-law, Mrs Jones, who lived across the road from us, and on the left Miss Stewart who was apparently a teacher.
The ladies used to have tea parties from time to time in Mrs Jones' house, for myself, my sister and several other children who lived close by, including Johnny.
He had this photo on his phone and we shared some vivid memories of these fun afternoons.
Three good things
1. A lovely sunny day for class get together.
2. Good food and lots of catch up, stories and chat.
3. Time for a little bit of gardening afterwards and catch up with our lovely neighbours.... who take care of the garden/ recycling bins from our house if no one around. There should be special awards for people like them!!!
I love that they are out in their 'best' clothes. How much more casual we are these days. Sounds like a fun school reunion.
June 16th, 2024  
I cant imagine getting so dressed up to go out. Great memory for you
June 16th, 2024  
Fabulous image! I love how, in those days, all adults were known to kids as Mrs so and so or Mr so and so. Never first names! And it sticks!
June 16th, 2024  
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