Flamingo Friday '21 02 by stray_shooter

Flamingo Friday '21 02

I'm imagining the conversation between these two. Something like "Muriel, don't look now, but casually glance over my shoulder and tell me if that hunk, Leonardo, is checking me out. I fluffed up my tail feathers and I so hope he's noticed." And Muriel answers, "Can you be more specific, Janice? They all kind of look the same to me."
Hahaha had me laughing so much. Very fun photo and narrative for flamingo friday!
February 13th, 2021  
Haha -- they really do seem to be in a serious conversation! Flaming Friday!
February 13th, 2021  
Hà ha love your interpretation of their conversation
February 13th, 2021  
Ha ha! Love your commentary :) fav
February 13th, 2021  
Great narrative and a well fluffed up capture to Ron, wonderful detail colour and depth of field:)
February 13th, 2021  
Fabulous capture and great narrative.
February 13th, 2021  
Such a great narrative! I can imagine that is exactly what they are talking about!
A great shot!
February 13th, 2021  
Great shot and hilarious commentary.
February 13th, 2021  
Fabulous flamingoes snd awesome comedic narrative. Ha!
February 13th, 2021  
Hilarious !
February 13th, 2021  
February 14th, 2021  
What have you been smoking Ron?
February 20th, 2021  
I happened to be here on this Friday and thought that I should look to see your Flamingo offering. Sorry to see that it is from so long ago. Hope that you are just a lapsed 365, like I am so often over the years and that you are still well and healthy in these most uncertain times.
October 2nd, 2021  
merry Christmas, Ron, and all the best of the season. stay well and safe.

post soon?
December 25th, 2021  
Happy New Year from our house to yours, Ron! May your 2022 be happy, healthy and prosperous!
January 4th, 2022  
merry Christmas, ron. how are things?
December 25th, 2022  
happy new year!
January 2nd, 2024  
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