the chocolate is next to us by summerfield

the chocolate is next to us

i wanted to play in the snow and take some pictures but it's way too cold and i'm feeling sick. but at the same time, i am bored. so i mapped out my post for today and decided i shall do the album cover. so i did the necessary and i came up with

Eremicamura is a moth genus in the family Autostichidae

Self-control is not a problem in the future. It's only a problem NOW when the chocolates is next to us. - Shlomo Bernartzi

funny how sometimes the stars align and it makes things easy for us, non?

this is a two-fer:
album cover challenge
six-word story
Great photo too
December 21st, 2019  
Very creative!
December 21st, 2019  
Beautiful shot and great cover. How many of the props are still there ;-)
December 21st, 2019  
So so pretty. Get well soon and avoid snow!
December 21st, 2019  
Looks so good!
December 21st, 2019  
well done !
December 21st, 2019  
Love it. Perhaps some real food would fo you good! I've been in the lollygags myself for a few days. Not sure why!
December 22nd, 2019  
Nice cover. Lots of chocolate and it must be very tempting for those who eat it. I know how I am with other flavor sweet treats.
December 23rd, 2019  
Wow- this was a tough one to put together! Way to take one for the team! (o:
December 26th, 2019  
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