Not Sealweed

The Solent has a population of about 25 seals and Chichester Harbour provides one of two 'haul out' areas for them.

I always look for seals when sailing and am often disappointed to find it's weed masquerading as seals- hence sealweed.

We spotted 11 seals waiting on the mudflats for the tide to come in and float them off and then we spotted one swimming, so we saw 50% of the population in one sighting!
Cool sighting. They all appear in good nick and well rounded.
posted July 9th, 2017  
A lovely capture
posted July 10th, 2017  
Our coast is much better populated with wildlife than forty or fifty years ago all the sewage that used to be released ...and the industrial waste too! I shudder when I think of the murky brown water I swam in as children on the North Sea coast and the Channel. It is a joy to see images like this.
posted July 10th, 2017  
@wylieclicks thank you. Its always a privilege to see one, never mind a group! Our hgarbour is quite healthy due to the amazing conservancy team.
@dawnee I was sooooooo pleased to see them
@salza some are tagged asnd monitored
posted July 10th, 2017  
The one in the front looks as if it could do with a coat of anti-fouling!
posted July 17th, 2017  
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