Midnight Lavender by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

Midnight Lavender

This started out as a high key, on a white background- no idea how it got to this and then uploaded!

Breaks all rules of photography- even number, no symmetry, not rule of thirds- but who cares? I like it.
I like it! Something appealing about the angle.
June 18th, 2019  
Lovely - I have been posting long enough so that I post first off to please me. So why shouldn't you. But you do have a diagonal line which is a photo technique and it works well here.
June 18th, 2019  
oh beautiful :)
June 18th, 2019  
It is beautiful. Looks gorgeous on black
June 18th, 2019  
Lovely shot and light.
June 18th, 2019  
Very effective,who cares about the rules.!.course they do help,but foremost what pleases us I think
June 18th, 2019  
I do too! Fav
June 18th, 2019  
ha who cares indeed? i also like it. and aren't the rules made to be broken?
June 18th, 2019  
June 18th, 2019  
It’s interesting
June 18th, 2019  
Extra nice on black
June 19th, 2019  
the photo police got you yet? :-D i'd have loved to see the high key shot. :-P
June 20th, 2019  
@summerfield it was a failure!!!
@amyk v kind
@momamo thank you
@gillian1912 thank uou
@pistache oh yes
@caterina oh good
@brennieb so true
@ludwigsdiana so glad you told me about that course!!!
@onewing thanks Babs
@koalagardens straight from my garden
@joansmor oh yes!!!
@casablanca edited to get it there
June 21st, 2019  
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