Ancient Woodland  by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

Ancient Woodland

This was such a beautiful scene I had to share it with you.

Lovely bank holiday stroll with friends and lunch in pub garden (soup got very cold very quickly in the gale force 'breeze'!)
This has soft magic to it, FAV!
May 3rd, 2021  
Peaceful and oh so lovely!
May 3rd, 2021  
Oh! Like a fairy tale. Beautiful!
May 3rd, 2021  
Gorgeous capture of this fairyland Jackie!
May 3rd, 2021  
Truly beautiful.
May 3rd, 2021  
Beautiful woodland scene!
May 3rd, 2021  
So pretty. It looks super tranquil.
May 3rd, 2021  
So pretty
May 3rd, 2021  
Lovely. I like the sunlight and shade and the blue at the base of the trees.
May 3rd, 2021  
Pretty with the bluebells.
May 3rd, 2021  
Oh, Jackie! What a pretty scene. it belongs in a fairytale story.
May 3rd, 2021  
lovely drifts of blue
May 3rd, 2021  
May 3rd, 2021  
May 4th, 2021  
What a magical landscape!
May 4th, 2021  
Beautiful light in this landscape scene, so pretty
May 4th, 2021  
Just lovely!
May 4th, 2021  
Beautiful spring scene.
May 4th, 2021  
So beautiful & those bluebells?
May 4th, 2021  
May 6th, 2021  
Gorgeous image. It looks like a painting
May 7th, 2021  
@pea it's better in real life!!
@roachling most kind
@happysnaps so do I
@haskar isn't it?! Thank you
@edorreandresen thank you
@dutchothotmailcom it's better in reality.
@cashep19 it is isn't it?!
@joansmor ;)
@njmom3 thank you
@anniesue oceans and oceans of blue here!!
@grammyn just needs toadstools
@carole_sandford isn't it?!
@randystreat it's the dappling if light that promotes the bluebells
@Dawn thank you
@salza it is a serene place to sit and have a cuppa
@wag864 it is thank you
@wakelys I've never found our picnic spot again!!
@ludwigsdiana thank you
@ljmanning it's better in real life
@marlboromaam it is peaceful and very few people know it's there!!
@joysabin it's s magical place to be!!
May 7th, 2021  
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