My Most Aggravating Visitor by allie912

My Most Aggravating Visitor

I may have to rename Syd, Percy for “Persistent.” I rigged up some baffles from a plastic milk jug to keep him away from the seed cylinder. It is now too shaky and slippery to allow him access, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. You can practically see the wheels spinning in his little rodent head as he comes up with yet another solution. He has approached it from above, from the right and from the left, even tried popping up through the bushes below. He will then depart but return sometime later, his enthusiasm undiminished. If students and scientists were as determined as Syd, there would be no problem we couldn’t solve!
Great collage
March 1st, 2021  
It must have been so much fun watching him getting up to these antics
March 1st, 2021  
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