Two women by ankers70

Two women

Detail of 'sculpture' by Ron Mueck in the exhibition 'Who Are You?' at the Australian Portrait Gallery, Canberra ACT. Made from polyester resin, fibreglass, silicon, polyurethane, aluminium wire, steel, wool, nylon, synthetic hair, plastic and metal, 'Two Women' is very realistic representation of two elderly, suspicious and yet vulnerable women. I found myself transfixed by their expressions.
What fascinating detail captured.
December 17th, 2022  
oh wow!
December 18th, 2022  
Oh they are amazing and look so human! You did such a good job on capturing them in such fine details.
December 18th, 2022  
Especially the one on the left, How can she be happy.
December 18th, 2022  
Thankyou all. They had such eerily disturbing faces.
@wakelys @annied @ludwigsdiana @yaorenliu
December 18th, 2022  
quite amazing, I might have to go and have a look!
December 20th, 2022  
Thankyou. It is fascinating exhibition!
December 20th, 2022  
Strong and impactful
December 21st, 2022  
Good morning and thankyou.
December 22nd, 2022  
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