Feet up and cozy by berelaxed

Feet up and cozy

We are experiencing extremely cold temperatures and a wild wind today . Last night it was a howling gale as the wind swirled around the house. It’s not much warmer this morning, but the March sun is helping coming in the south facing front windows. Our cobbled together heating systems are working well and it only feels a bit nippy around the edges.

I have quite a sore arm and feel a bit tired from my vaccine yesterday, but just so grateful to be lucky enough to have had one dose of the Pfizer. I’m cozy with my feet up and just resting today. The pharmacist said I would probably feel tired too for a few days.

About 30 minutes ago we had a power failure from a branch down on wire somewhere in town.Thankfully it was fixed quickly before we cooled down even more at Dogcorner. We have some folks coming to do more estimates on cleaning the gas boiler and giving their opinions in the near future.

The Wildlife guy came this morning to plug up a hole that chippies were using to get into the space below our addition. The folks who poured the concrete for the addition foundation in 2002 did a slapdash job where it joins our 1893 barn, which has no full concrete foundation. Hopefully this will help. They use some sort of steelwool caulking that the rodents don’t like. We’ll see.

For the Record,
This day came in with frigid temps, a windchill below zero F.

All hands wary, but thankful.
Gosh the winds here howled too and it is a good day to stay inside.
March 2nd, 2021  
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