(Day 154) - Crafts Condo by cjphoto

(Day 154) - Crafts Condo

I'm in the middle of organizing my room. One of my first orders of business was to organize my craft box. I used to keep them in a shoe box but I found these neat stackable boxes with dividers. They can't hold some of my larger items but I love what they can hold.

CJ calls it the Crafts Condo. His clothes would probably take up an entire row. 😂
Perfect for the job. Another great image.
July 19th, 2019  
Perfect !
July 20th, 2019  
How nice- and I truly admire your organization!!
July 20th, 2019  
That looks like a great storage system
July 20th, 2019  
@olivetreeann - Thanks Ann! I've been doing lots of organizing for my closet. Hopefully CJ will be able to show you guys once I finish. I love organization so much.

(Also thanks again for the kind words about the break I was taking. I really needed to hear that. I feel a lot more energized to continue now.)
July 30th, 2019  
Kudos for the organization. But the dinosaurs look kind of cramped for space.
July 31st, 2019  
@mcsiegle - Thanks very much!! They had to get very comfortable. You should see the poor long-neck dino!
July 31st, 2019  
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