Quite the Unit by cjphoto

Quite the Unit

I've been wanting to buy some new props but ran out of space in my closet. It was time for a new storage solution. Got this from Amazon and my dad and I built it over the weekend. Happily, it wasn't too tough to put together (especially for a season Lego builder as myself). πŸ˜‰

The unit is pretty empty now, but as they say, "nature abhors a vacuum." It'll be filled up before we know it! πŸ˜‚
It is a beautiful storage unit. Good times to have your dad help you with it and I know we will get to see it full soon enough
July 26th, 2022  
Very nice!!
July 26th, 2022  
Nice! Cant wait to see your new props too.
July 26th, 2022  
Love all the wood textures in the shot. Looks like you did a beautiful job.
July 26th, 2022  
Lovely tones.
July 26th, 2022  
Beautiful cabinet! Can't wait to see what you find to fill it!
July 26th, 2022  
July 26th, 2022  
It's a nice looking cupboard
July 26th, 2022  
Do show a tidy full one with cj sqeezing in!!!
July 26th, 2022  
Oh yes, it fills up very quickly. Lovely tones and lines.
July 26th, 2022  
You've got a big storage space. But the best part is working together as father and son.
July 26th, 2022  
Must have been fun building this with your dad. It will be full in no time…..
July 26th, 2022  
July 27th, 2022  
Very nice
August 5th, 2022  
Chris, how are you and CJ doing out there? Hope you have a beautiful holiday and I hope you are still photographing.
December 12th, 2022  
so, i'm expecting that this had been filled to the brim by now. 🀣it would be a sin if not! merry Christmas to you and your family.
December 25th, 2022  
Happy New Year Chris. Hope you life is going well. Miss your always interesting projects.
January 2nd, 2023  
Wondering if this is full yet? It would be wonderful to see you post occasionally.
March 18th, 2023  
still missing your creativity Chris
August 31st, 2023  
happy new year!
January 2nd, 2024  
I miss you Chris!!
April 6th, 2024  
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