Flash of Red 2024 Comes to a Close

February 23rd, 2024
The month seems to have flown by and even with an extra day, its finish will come in the blink of an eye! My appreciation-filled thanks go to all of you who took part in our black and white adventure this month!

Week 5
February 26-29 Bring on the Contrast

It’s our final “week” of Black and White- and it’s not quite a week, but we do have a bonus day thanks to 2024 being a Leap Year. This week we’re turning out attention on contrast- that aspect of your picture where light and shadow play an important role in defining your subject. One photographer wrote,

If you take a photo in dull light – in shade, for instance, or under a cloudy sky – the photo may look flat (i.e., two-dimensional), especially in black and white. So, what do you do? You compensate by increasing the contrast. A contrast boost will deepen the shadows, brighten the highlights, and make your main subject pop!

Contrast can be accomplished in-camera (if you’re not sure how to do this, see your camera manual) or afterwards in post-processing. While some of these articles include contrast in color images, they cover important information and definitions of contrast and its use in black and white photography too. Use them for further assistance in your search for contrast this week if you need them.





Another way to accomplish a boost for the contrast in your pictures is to use “color filters”. Andrew Gibson writes, “Color filter settings come from the days of film photography. Photographers would use color filters to alter the tones in black and white photos. These days, digital photographers rarely work with physical color filters – instead, they use camera software or post-processing to mimic filter effects.
Your camera likely includes a few color filter options. For instance, you might use a yellow or orange filter to darken a blue sky or a red filter to turn it nearly black. There is also a place for green filters, which can bring out more detail in green subjects like leafy forests. Those four colored filters (red, orange, yellow, and green) have made their way onto most digital cameras as black and white settings.”

For an overview to help you use filters you might want to read this article-

As you look for contrast this week, you’ll also become more aware of how the lighting is affecting your image. You may notice that when there is a great deal of light (high-key), there may be less contrast in it. The same is also true of images with a small amount of light (low-key). It’s not impossible to get contrast in your images under those conditions, but it does take some doing. Here is an article on low-key lighting which may be useful if you want to shoot in low-light conditions.


In the end, the best option is to work with the light as you see it. Jason Peterson put it this way, “Look for light. For me, photography is about looking, searching, and finding. When it comes to black and white photography, always start with light. For example, if I spot good light coming down an alley - I will sit and wait for a genuine moment to happen in that light. My composition is tailored to the light at hand. I have an obsession with finding perfect composition - balancing what the end viewer sees. For example, I love using symmetry to show scale and depth."

Bring out the contrast in your images this week (with the option to explore what color filters do to your black and white shot) by paying attention to light. Return to landscape or architecture as your subject matter- or if you’re feeling bold and brave try portraiture!

I hope you have enjoyed your black and white adventure this year. I know I have enjoyed putting it together for you. So, off you go! Find some great light, and start shooting!

Ann LeFevre
February 23rd, 2024
Many thanks Ann for your guidance during this month of FOR! It has gone by so quickly , but it has been quite a learning curve - Some things completely new and others things we may do, achieve normally but reinforced ! It all adds to the fun, and enjoyment of the month ! It is always a good way to wile away February, a month so drab and gloomy in the UK !
February 23rd, 2024
Hi Ann, thanks for all that you have done to make FoR2024 happen, it has been a learning curve for me - as you know - and that has been good too. Now to tackle contrast.........
February 23rd, 2024
Hi Ann, Thanks for hosting Flash of Red again. My favourite monthly challenge 😊
Looking forward to seeing everyone's calendar view at the end of the month
February 23rd, 2024
Thank you Ann, learnt loads this month ( and stuck to the themes too!!) 😁
February 23rd, 2024
Thanks so much for this very helpful information. I got off track a bit, but I have absolutely loved playing with my photos this month.
February 24th, 2024
Thank you Ann for hosting again and for all the wonderful resources and information you share. This month is always great for pushing out of the comfort zone and challenging myself to see the world just a little differently.
February 24th, 2024
Thanks Ann.
February 24th, 2024
Thank you Ann for the wealth of information you have given this month.
February 24th, 2024
@beryl @365anne @4rky @30pics4jackiesdiamond @shutterbug49 @njmom3 @johnfalconer @tiaj1402

You are most welcome Beryl, Anne, Forky, Jackie, Debbie, Nada, John and Tia! I learn right alongside you.

@30pics4jackiesdiamond So proud of you!

@365anne We may not have conquered Split-toning but we had fun trying it.

@4rky That is very kind of you to say! I am always amazed how many people look forward to it.
February 25th, 2024
You really have put a lot of effort into this as you always do Ann and I appreciate every bit of it.
February 26th, 2024
@grammyn Thank you Katy! I always get just as much out of it as all of you do.
February 26th, 2024
Thank you for hosting this, Ann. I've really been enjoying doing Flash of Red month.
February 26th, 2024
Thank you Ann for guiding us through February’s flash of Red I always enjoy it!
February 27th, 2024
@mittens @radiogirl

You are welcome Kathy and Marilyn! I enjoy putting it together too.
February 29th, 2024
This was a great challenge as always, lots of different participation expands my view each year.

February 29th, 2024
Always enjoy this month with the FOR. Many thanks @olivetreeann for hosting
February 29th, 2024
@pandorasecho @phil_sandford

Thank you both- I always enjoy putting the month together and learn right alongside everyone else! A discussion for calendar postings to follow...
February 29th, 2024
@olivetreeann thanks Ann
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