20th August 2019 by emmadurnford

20th August 2019

I am getting back into practice runs in the week. I am getting bored of the Couch-2-5k so I just ran the Park Run route starting at Teddington Park Gate - this worked well with me running well over 5ks.

This evening I was cutting up a pile of peppers for dinner when I noticed something drop past the window. On closer inspection I found a wood pigeon ’squab’ in the bay tree that could only just flutter, not fly. I popped in in the hedge as that is the advice with baby birds and I hoped his parents would find him. I also appealed for help on FaceBook for details of rescue places to take him to if still there in the morning. In the middle of our dinner (after which I planned to pop him in a box in the garage) I heard a noise. I shot out into the garden only to see a young fox of 6 months or so age with Worley the pigeon in its jaws. I ran towards it but it sloped off up the garden path and it was now too dark to see where he went.

I was so upset as I I feel responsible for not putting it in a box sooner where it would have been safe in the garage. Poor Worley.
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