1st October 2019 by emmadurnford

1st October 2019

Arghhh - my alarm went off at 5.20am after not a great night of sleep but at least my stomach seems to have settled down a few hours ago as I was toying with cancelling at about 4.00am!

Despite trying to be quiet I inevitably woke up Colin although apparently he managed another couple of hours in bed before breakfast. Jeremy pulled up outside the B&B just a minute or so after I had gone outside. Weather was ‘iffy’ bit at least it didn’t start with torrential rain as forecast as we drove to Swanage for the start of the day. What a day!

Despite the sudden downpours Jeremy managed to talk me through the use of my dusty ND filers although he was rather scathing about my travel tripod! Again and gain we took pictures of the groynes at Swanage using different compositions and a range of hard ND Grad filters and the Big Stopper!

After 11 o’clock we started flagging and Jeremy suggested we stop for a cooked breakfast. Despite my dodgy stomach yesterday I was still up for half a cooked breakfast and felt much better afterwards. The weather had cleared by this time so we walked to the old pier for some photographs of the original pilings. In between the rain showers we got some really good effects - all of a sudden I noticed a familiar face on the beach opposite and Colin had discovered where we were and was giving us a wave (or checking up I was working!).

The last stop of the day was back to Kimmeridge Bay where we had got drenched yesterday yet again the rain was pouring so we stopped for a small cream tea and waited for it to lighten up. The last couple of hours were spent as the tide started to turn and the sun started to set. I was rather worried as we were stood out quite a long way on a platform of rock and I could see the tide was coming in quickly. Due to my cowardice (or maybe sensibleness) we walked back to the beach for the last few shots of the day as the sun disappeared.

All in all it was an excellent day despite being shattered at the end. Jeremy was a really good tutor with a great sense of humour and I am sure I could be taking another days course with him in the future. We eventually got back to Corfe at 7:30 pm and Colin and I rapidly set out for our evening meal.

As it had been so nice in The Castle yesterday, we went there again and this evening I was able to do much more justice to my food than the previous night and finished up with a lovely Bannoffi pie - what a great day despite the weather!
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