29th October 2020 by emmadurnford

29th October 2020

Day 218 of semi lock down.

Up early to head over to Steph’s for my delayed hair cut. Thank goodness as it was getting rather unruly... I’ve booked the next two appointments hoping I’ll be able to go.

A quick drive back to collect Colin, his clock and a print I needed to deliver to Chris from my photo club. The rain got even harder and the traffic was appalling in Twickenham as we found out later there has been a collapse of a mains sewer. It was really nice to see Chris for real rather than on a Zoom screen and he seems really pleased with the framed print and sent me a photo to show it in position later in the day.

The traffic was a bit better when we continued into a brief outdoors meet up with John to drop off Colin’s clock which has stopped working for some reason. Then finally back home.

I got another email and was able to deliver a print just after lunch which will save time next Tuesday when I’m delivering more prints later and heading for Orleans House. Last thing in the day was picking up a book from Waterstones and I took the opportunity to check my Christmas cards which are already selling and spotted this Halloween pumpkin in Manor Road on route.

A busy but productive day.

The Covid 19 figures getting worse and worse in the UK and in particular England. There were 280 deaths today bringing the total number of deaths in the UK to 45,955 of people who have died having been diagnosed with Covid 19 within 28 days of death. The figures are actually far higher than this… we could be headed to another lock down but I am hoping against hope that it will not be before we are headed to Cornwall on the 8th of November.
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