21st June 2022 by emmadurnford

21st June 2022

2 years and 85 days since the start of the 1st lock down in March 2020.

Back to reality with a bump!

With four lots of washing completed during the day, my other important task was to apply for a new passport having had my photo taken at Teddington Cameras before we went away. The form was pretty straight forward and the digital photo uploaded with no problem. Technically my passport does not expire until May 2023 but with the new rules for us as we have left Europe, the additional months do not count and I run the risk or being refused entry to Spain in September when we travel across with our car by ferry. There have been warnings that a new passport can take up to ten weeks to arrive and our travel date is ten weeks and 2 days away - fingers crossed!

This is our amazing mini Oak tree. I gave Colin this lovely vase which came with an acorn that had to be kept in the fridge and then for a number of weeks in a bag with a damp tissue to help the root. Nothing happened for a long time until eventually a little root started to show. When we left on holiday, we had taken the acorn with its small root and put put it in the vase. This is what we discovered on our return!
Miracle of life, love it.
July 9th, 2022  
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