24th October 2022 by emmadurnford

24th October 2022

Colin played nine holes of golf this morning which gave me a chance to catch up on paperwork.

There’s quite a bit of damage from yesterdays storm including - shock horror- the fact that M&S had to close today due to water damage. That threw my plans a little as I needed ingredients for a Thai green curry I had planned for this evening so I ended up having to walk over the bridge to Tescos - not quite the same quality of starters but not bad. This is a lovely Virginia creeper on the bridge turning a lovely red. Although it started raining in my way home, it is still very mild which is a big advantage as we have not had to put the heating on yet.

Last news of the day - Prime Minister number 3 has been decided - Rishi Sunak - who should have gained the post seven weeks ago but the Conservative party members are so racist that they couldn’t cope with an Asian person in charge. Thank goodness he achieved over 190 votes (needed 100 to qualify) and Penny Mordaunt stepped down after not achieving the 100. Now let's hope for some stability and improvement… maybe (or a general election!).
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