The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree? by eudora

The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree?

I've reluctantly decided to have this huge pine tree removed. My husband wanted to six years ago, but I love trees and convinced him it was no danger. Since then it's been damaged by lightning and I get more nervous each hurricane season. Tomorrow it goes. I feel like a murderer.

I was reminded of the Berenstain Bears who went into the woods (if I recall the story correctly) to cut down a Christmas tree only to realize how many animals lived there. There are no squirrels' nests in my tree this year. I hope no woodpeckers live in its cavity.
Certainly would be a worry if close to your home Diane
September 25th, 2023  
Too bad!
September 25th, 2023  
It looks beautiful, especially when viewed on black.

I understand both of your feelings, one and not wanting to cut the tree down and two wanting to make sure your house is safe
September 25th, 2023  
I don't know if I could have a tree cut down. We have one that's on its last leg and i still won't cut it! But now you'll always have it with this picture.
September 25th, 2023  
@grammyn @olivetreeann I am missing the tree right now, but it was a threat to my house and two others.
September 25th, 2023  
A shame when trees have to be cut down.I was really sorry when we had to cut down our Rowan tree
September 26th, 2023  
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