Japanese Tea Garden by eudora

Japanese Tea Garden

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

It could have been worse: While in California, we used my granddaughter's car. One day we parked on the street in Golden Gate Park and visited the Japanese Tea Garden. When we returned to the car, a small rear window had been smashed. Luckily, the would-be thieves were unable to gain access to the car and nothing was stolen. But my son and daughter-in-law spent a couple of hours of their vacation making reports to police and insurance company and arranging for the window to be replaced.
What a wonderful subject for the flash of red it’s a beautiful photo.

I hate that you had that experience but I think that’s happening more and more in the larger cities. It’s more of an aggravation for the time necessary to repair the damage than it was anything else I feel. I’m glad to hear it was Not a more serious incident
February 15th, 2024  
Oh I’m sorry. I’m heartbroken for California, it is such a beautiful state.
February 15th, 2024  
@grammyn You are right. It was only a window. In New Orleans during Mardi Gras, several people were killed.
February 15th, 2024  
Love the way that the building is shielded so that just its high lights are showing. It is a real shame about your G-daughter's car window. So glad that was all that happened.
February 16th, 2024  
A beautifully hidden pagoda. I'm sorry. Theft is a plague these days.
February 16th, 2024  
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