House Moving Day by farmreporter

House Moving Day

It was a cold day. REALLY COLD.
But friends of ours were having their 'new to them' home (built in 1964) moved onto the foundation they had poured on a small patch of ground they have bought despite the weather.
I was asked to record the event.
House moving happens regularly on the prairies where roads are wide and power poles are easy to get around. There is even a term for these homes - RTMs (ready to move).
That house fit through that open gate you can see in the foreground!
How interesting
December 3rd, 2022  
Really cool
December 3rd, 2022  
How desolate this looks.
December 3rd, 2022  
It is desolate looking because this is looking east. They have a wonderful view of the foothills looking west though they cannot see the mountains from their house. They are in a bit of a valley so too low to see the mountains.
The views around here are wonderful - so different depending on which way you face!!
December 4th, 2022  
Hi Wendy. I'm your Get Pushed Partner this week. How's this for a challenge. Select one of the December words ( from 12/5-12/11 to use as your prompt for a photo. Be sure to tag dec22words as well as for the get pushed challenge.
December 4th, 2022  
Thank you, Kathy for the challenge. Will check out the December words!
December 5th, 2022  
Great capture
December 13th, 2022  
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