Disparity by farmreporter


I was given a truly tough get pushed challenge this week by Felicity @fbailey.
She asked me to photograph my interpretation of the disparity between appearance and reality
So, here goes!!
While it will appear that big agricultural corporations have made the small farmer extinct, the reality is that small farms are no longer economically feasible.
Growing food for today's exploding population must be a thriving business.
Today's small farmer does not usually survive on the farm income alone but will have a job in town. (there are exceptions)
Today's small farmer may choose to farm to be self-sufficient, or as a lifestyle choice. But again, the large commercial farmers did not kill today's small farmer ... progress did.
By the way - the definition of disparity is the difference in level or treatment that seems unfair. Usually associated with economic disparities.
Here is my response to your excellent challenge!! I really enjoyed thinking about this one.
August 28th, 2023  
Sure a tough challenge Wendy but you hit the nail on the head. Well done
August 28th, 2023  
Wendy that is such a well thought out interpretation - I just had in mind forced perspective or tilt shift or even Photoshopped out of all recognition but you've def taken this to another level!
August 28th, 2023  
Here in Maine we do not have many corporate farms. But farmers face the same financial problems. The farms that still thrive have found multiply sources of income. Not an easy life.
August 28th, 2023  
The photo is a good illustration of the term.
August 29th, 2023  
What a good image in response to your challenge..
August 29th, 2023  
Well done! That was a really difficult challenge. You and I are partners this week. For your challenge your topic is “How To _____(fill in this blank)______” Precise subject is entirely up to you. You can be as mundane or as off-the-wall as you desire. How does that sound?
August 29th, 2023  
congratulations, you won with this image. pleasse will you shortlist next get pushed ( could insert that as your challenge this time around??!!)
August 30th, 2023  
Wendy, you're my gp challenge partner this week. For your challenge, select a photo you've recently fav'd and imitate it in a photo of your own. Please explain what it is that draws you to fav the original photo.
September 4th, 2023  
Great shot and narrative.
September 11th, 2023  
Great rural scene
September 23rd, 2023  
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