No Hummers  by joysabin

No Hummers

We might or might not have any more hummingbirds this season. They migrate North from Central America in the Spring and return as temperatures get colder here in the states. I'll keep my feeder out for a bit longer as we are having a warm spell.
Ohhh... I afore that tiny little ray and ight burst on yhe side of the feeder. brilliant.
September 18th, 2016  
As Debbie said. Excellent light and ray!!
September 19th, 2016  
@deborah63 Thank you, the morning sun had just come over the fence, I ran outside with camera in hand and started to shoot., went to review and no card- Dam& and double Dam* but ran inside grabbed one and got a couple before the sun moved higher.
@sketch2 I am very grateful for the fav. I did use a cross screen filter to catch the flare but as I forgot my SD card inside to begin with, I was felt lucky to even get one with the sun shinning on it. Not a good girl scout but am forever trying. :)
September 19th, 2016  
The edited star ray suits the image nicely and I like the beautiful bokeh circles in the background. We don't get hummers over here, wish we did, they are such pretty little birds I think.
September 19th, 2016  
@stephanies Thank you, when they are around, they are rather insistent that I have their sugar water ready at all times. I am amazed that they are very territorial when it comes to feeders.
September 20th, 2016  
I think they just hang out in Phoenix!
September 20th, 2016  
Great Lighting.
September 22nd, 2016  
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