The Books and the Dishes play Tic Tac Toe... by mcsiegle

The Books and the Dishes play Tic Tac Toe... help Mary with her Get Pushed challenge. And the game begins:

D: What a mess! Just stacked in piles on the floor?

B: That's just a small sample...besides, as I understand this get pushed challenge, this collage is supposed to show who she is. This is I not right? You've got some nice stacks BTW - horizontal and vertical.

D: Thank you -- and I see you are getting into the spirit of the challenge by including the History of Wales.

B: Yeah, thanks. Though, confidentially, she's never read that one. I should have gone for the Welsh language textbooks.

D: Well, it's late. It'll be after midnight before we finish. Hey! That's typical too -- AM I NOT RIGHT? ha ha

B: Whoa! You cannot throw in an upside down world globe just because it's round.

D: Well, I needed something in that spot. I'm not taking it off. Besides it brings in her quirkiness (is that a word?) -- aw H.E. double L, let's just admit it -- she's weird! That globe hung from the ceiling of the dining room in Minneapolis, and then came all the way here to hang from the ceiling of the bedroom. Who DOES that?

B: Yes, that's a word. When we finish the game I'll get the dictionary out. Let's put it in a more positive light. She likes looking at things from different points of view. Ha! POV, get it? Brought in the photography angle, didn't I. Here are MY neat rows. Notice that there are no books lying horizontal on top of them. She got Frank to sit down with her today (well, yesterday by now) and go through the History bookshelf, looking for ones neither of them care to keep. Yee Haw! Well, it's a start.

D: Here's some glassware. You know how she loves glass! A pity we don't seem to have anything to do with genealogy. Damn--should have thought of that earlier.

B: No colored glass, though...but, as you said, it's late. There was the "Pioneers of the Bluestem Prairie" on the bottom shelf, but that got cropped off to fit the square format. Some of her ancestors listed in that. Frank's too.

D: I guess I'll have to use MY messy picture of dishes sitting around not yet washed.

B: Doesn't matter. I win anyway. Here's the box of books they're getting rid of.

D: always win.

B: Thanks for the game. See you in the morning. Turn the lights out in the kitchen when you go through.
Loved that narration by your cast!! Clever collage of your walk through the house!!
November 21st, 2022  
Oh Mary I knew that you would take on this challenge with gusto and take it to another level.
November 21st, 2022  
A clever collage well done
November 21st, 2022  
Books win!
November 21st, 2022  
You have the most engaging way of thinking of anyone I know! This was an amazing narrative to read. What a creative and clever way to respond to that challenge! You really are a genius. The photos are fabulous. Your picture made me think of that slide puzzle game where there are little squares that have to be arranged in order with one empty square. FAV for sure
November 21st, 2022  
I really like this Mary. I think it would make a good poster.
November 21st, 2022  
Great collage
November 22nd, 2022  
What fun!
November 22nd, 2022  
What a fun discussion! A lovely collage to go with it.
November 22nd, 2022  
December 16th, 2022  
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