Rose hips no 4 - Brian Knowler by pamknowler

Rose hips no 4 - Brian Knowler

This is one of my brother Brian's paintings - oil on board - which my cousin's son Douglas bought in an online auction. I recognised the image as my brother had cards made of it and I have one of the cards somewhere in one of my memory boxes.

I offered to buy the painting but Douglas had bought it for his daughter Scarlett and he said he would ask her. I said make a profit!! LOL!!

Douglas texted back with this message from Scarlett "Can I buy it back again when she dies?" He said I think she realises the sentimental meaning to me. My brother died Christmas eve 1999 and I have some of his paintings on my walls.

Scarlett's comment made me laugh out loud!! She is 12 years old and I thought it was such a funny request!! I told Douglas to tell Scarlett to keep the painting but to know it has sentimental meaning to me, my sister and of course Ruth my niece, his daughter. I told him that if it came to our house my sister's son Colin would get his eye on it as he loves my brother Brian's paintings. I don't think it would go back to Scarlett!! I said tell her to keep it and treasure it.

I must keep an eye out for other works my brother sold to see if they come up on an auction site.
Beautiful and so precious
September 25th, 2022  
Beautiful and so evocative!
September 25th, 2022  
Ha ha, kids are so classic! How interesting to see these paintings coming up online.
September 25th, 2022  
Love her comment and your narrative for this image
September 25th, 2022  
Quite a story there Pam. Your brother was a very talented painter then ….his paintings up for auction! Your little relative Scarlett has her head screwed on the right way there! A wise decision from you!
September 25th, 2022  
What an interesting story
September 25th, 2022  
What a wonderful story, Pam! Your brother was obviously very talented. x
September 26th, 2022  
This is a lovely painting and how nice it's staying in the family.

I love how children just say it as it is
September 26th, 2022  
It's gorgeous and the narrative has me smiling.
September 26th, 2022  
A beautiful painting.Your brother was very artistic
September 28th, 2022  
A wonderful tribute.
September 30th, 2022  
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