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When it was Fathers Day last month, my daughters bought me a pair of converse shoes. Oh and Kirsty cooked a family meal and Claire took me and Jane out for lunch.

Anyway, here are my purple (or is it maroon) Converse shoes.

Nice aren't they
Well they look brand new! Love the color...purple for a girl and maroon for a guy? hahaha!! Nicely composed shot Phil. Now go out and take a walk with Ruby?
July 12th, 2015  
@eyesmile they are my "best shoes" gena :) I have worn them a few times now :)
July 12th, 2015  
Very handsome. Why aren't you modeling them?
July 12th, 2015  
@allie912 ha ha , i will have to see if I can do a summer shot of me wearing them :)
July 12th, 2015  
My favorite shoes!
July 13th, 2015  
Awesome shoes
July 13th, 2015  
I think they are Ruby red. I think you are looking after them beautifully!
July 13th, 2015  
July 13th, 2015  
Great shot!
July 13th, 2015  
@alinz thanks Ali

@ivan thanks Ivan

@kerristephens cheers kerri

@seattle they are nice constance :)

July 13th, 2015  
They look somewhere between a deep magenta and claret on my screen. :-)
Very cool, Phil. Great clarity in this.
July 14th, 2015  
They look very cool. Clearly you are not a pipe and slippers dad!!
July 23rd, 2015  
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