I can’t keep from aging… by rhoing

I can’t keep from aging…

… but I don’t have to go quietly! Frustrated that I haven’t been able to kick the 10+ holiday pounds in two months, a couple weeks ago I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t keep “phoning in” 10K’s that didn’t have a purpose or objective. So I returned to a “training” mentality [using Mike Caviston’s so-called “Wolverine Plan”]. I have had several good sessions in the last couple of weeks and the scale was unkind this morning, so I decided enough was enough and I’d burn some serious calories today with a half-marathon. Today’s 1:27:28.3 beat my previous best by another 79.5 seconds. So there!

» People who are serious about their fitness will understand Caviston’s distinction between “training” on the one hand and “exercise” or “working out” on the other.
» Caviston was conditioning coach for women’s crew at U. of Michigan, hence the name “Wolverine Plan.” He’s now Director of Fitness at the Naval Special Warfare Center in San Diego, California http://www.public.navy.mil/nsw/Pages/default.aspx
Those SEALs and SWCCs just may be a fit bunch o’ dudes…
» A Caviston interview: http://row2k.com/features/features.cfm?action=read&ID=391
» The Plan: http://www.concept2.com/files/pdf/us/training/Training_WolverinePlan.pdf
» Alan— I can do 21,097m at 2:04.4, so why can I still not do 10,000m at 2:00.0? Perhaps this spring or summer. Definitely a “training” objective!

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Well Thom, I'm sure you will manage to get rid of those extra pounds with your training approach, but I must say, it only gets worse as we get older. It is harder and harder to shed that excess baggage.
March 12th, 2013  
@digitalrn It does, Rick, but I am determined to get there!
March 14th, 2013  
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