ETSOOI’ed again… by rhoing

ETSOOI’ed again…

It is so difficult to photograph her right now.
» She's still too young to stand still and “pose.”
» My dSLR is too bulky to lug around all the time, like this walk to the nearby park in a stroller.
» But the cell phone’s on-board camera and I just aren't up to the task of fast shutter speeds to get rid of the blur.
So I have to accept that some shots will require lots of edit time and I’ll still have a blurry final result.

As Clare’s former boss (professor of photography) says, “You can always add light, but you can’t take it out.” For this image I had to add a lot of brightness & contrast just to make it tolerable. But I got a little payoff as her mama said, “Aaahhhh she looks like such a person there!” I’ll take that. :)

[ IMG_20190507_093923397S9x12ScTsB40C30tm :: cell phone ]
I'd never know you had those difficulties if you hadn't said so!
July 30th, 2019  
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